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If you're interested in connecting, you can reach me by mailing list via My original mailing lists are no longer available due to changes in policy at Yahoo and the elimination of Yahoo Groups. I've consolidated all my old maliing lists into one for now since they had relatively low traffic.

The new list is:

Old Mailing lists

Being a consumer of information is only half the experience. You'll get the most from discussions that are two way, where you can ask questions when you're stuck or help others with your own experiences. If you're a programmer, writer or want to share and learn from others on a variety of hobby related topics, please feel free to join some of the related mailing lists below.


I've had mixed luck with Mastodon and certain Mastodon servers. For now, I can be reached on Fosstodon.


If you'd like to contact me regarding any of the topics at this web site, my e-mail address is below.

distasis at distasis period com

Distasis Fiction Archive Access

If you'd like access to the Distasis Fiction Archive at this site, feel free to contact me through the mailing list above or via e-mail. I'll be happy to send directions on how to find the archived stories.

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