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I've noticed on a few male programmers' web sites that they display notes asking about "Where are all the single females who are into science fiction and programming?" My first answer would be, "When's the last time you went to a fan fiction convention?" Seriously, it seems like the females greatly out-number the males at those conventions and almost all the attendees are into science fiction and active adventure media. They're almost all fairly computer literate these days as well.

Now, I'd like to ask the same in return. "Where are all the single guys who are into science fiction and programming?"

How many of you liked shows like Star Trek because Gene Roddenberry managed to portray humanity in a positive light, unlike so many other dystopian science fiction shows out there? Who thought the original Tron was a great movie? How many of you like the design of C++ and think it's one of the better programming languages available even today? (Yes, I've actually read The Design and Evolution of C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup and I think a lot of the design philosophy that went into the creation of the language makes a lot of sense. JavaScript is coming up as the closest second for a useful language design.)

So if you have an answer to my question or if you'd like to discuss science fiction, programming or technical related topics further, e-mail me:

distasis at distasis period com

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