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This section is for information on recipe ideas, food allergies, music, videos, herbs, gardening and other household tips. I hope to add more material on these subjects in the future. At one time, I had a long list of interesting sites on these topics. However, they quickly became hard to maintain. Instead of a list of useful links that quickly becomes out-dated, the homeaide mailing list has been created. You'll find up-to-date links, tips and tricks posted as members run across them. You can also search the archives for specific subjects.

Happy Halloween

The Halloween Holiday Tour is back for another year. Catch it before it mysteriously disappears again. Have a happy and safe Halloween.


I have some tips for stocking up substituting ingredients and making simple foods at home.

Mailing Lists

Homeaide was a mailing list for sharing recipes, tips on herb and vegetable gardening, frugal living, household hints and arts and crafts ideas.

Pdsongswas a mailing list for discussing, tracking down and locating public domain songs and Open Source programs for creating music.

XHTMLDesign was a mailing list for discussing interests in creating video or authoring multimedia for web sites. I enjoy comparing notes with others and discussing the use of Open Source software and freeware to do create homemade movies, videos and multimedia.

Unfortunately, when Yahoo Groups was eliminated, the mailing lists went with it. I've created one new mailing list in their place and you're welcome to join it and discuss any of these topics on the new mailing list.

References for Recipes

Looking for books with hard to find recipes for people with allergies and other special dietary needs? Need basic recipes for making things from scratch? Need more tips to improve nutrition in your meals? The recipe books recommendations page has a list of some of my favorite cookbooks plus links to online recipe information.

Food Allergies

I've been accumulating so many tips on allergies, food allergy and food intolerances and similar related issues and natural remedy ideas that I've had to move them to their own page. I've also included information on food labeling and what you can do to help yourself and improve the safety of others by encouraging more accurate food labeling. Check my Food Allergies page for more information.

My Articles

Interested in herbs or herb gardening? Have a look at my haunting article on garlic. For herb enthusiasts, it provides information on growing your own garlic plus craft ideas and lore.

Interested in creating or playing music? Want to sing along with your computer? Check out Recipes for Music on your PC.

One of my later interests has been converting homemade movies on video tape (such as family weddings, our choir, etc.) to DVD-R. If you're interested in creating videos as well, check out the article on Recipes for Video on your PC.

Want some tips for getting the multimedia you create to a portable audio or video player? Check out my article on Using Open Source Software with Portable Players.

If you're interested in more articles on Open Source or customizing your computer, see the Programming section at this site.


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